Future Of Fish & Future Of Forests
'Introduction Showreel'

New South Wales & Queensland, Australia

'The Whale Whisperer'
Fraser Island Coast, Queensland, Australia

The WHALE WHISPERER documents the inspiring relationship between whale lover VICKI NEVILLE and the humpback whales that come to play and socialise in a unique bay off the coast of Queensland Australia.

Greg Grainger Adventures

'Ultimate Freedive'
Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Marina Kazankova is a World Champion of Freediving with CMAS and AIDA, World Record Holder (CMAS), Instructor at CMAS and the Freediving Federation. Here, Marina explores the unique serenity and beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, Far North Queensland Australia.  Our unique wonder of the world.

Greg Grainger Adventures 

'Shark Tracker'
Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Produced by Richard Fitzpatrick Emmy Nominated Cinematoprapher on the Great Barrier and Osprey Reef's, Queensland Australia.

'Our Disappearing Coast'
Sunrise, National Seven Network
New South Wales, Australia

Professor Andy Short, University of Sydney at 'The Coast of Australia' book launch, Coastal Environment Centre North Narrabeen, Sydney Australia.