'Coastal Environment Centre, Big4 Holiday Park'
Sydney Weekender, National Seven Network
North Narrabeen, New South Wales, Australia

Featuring Senior Community Educator, Bianca Springford, presenters Mike & Mel at Sydney Lakesdide Holiday Park.  Contact Neall Scott Sydney Lakeside for family, partner, school or tour bookings.

Community Catch & Release Fishing Champions
Send your Sponsorship Inquiry and special life moment Catch & Release to e: info@FutureOfFish.Com.Au

























David Henke, Mulloway
David fished between Lancelin & Jurien Bay in WA with 2 good mates Dave & Rhett to help with this great catch and release.  Using both mullet and mullies for bait and after the fish went on a 15 minute run, it was landed at just over 20Kg, photographed and released without incident.  This rates in David's all time Top 5 during more than 20 years of fishing since the age of 14.  All thanks to a trusty 12 foot beach rod and an old Alvey Reel with 30 pound mono.










Nick Papas, Marlin
Nick trolled up this excellent Marlin release off Botany Bay to show again persistence rewards! We're sure Nick will produce many more notable releases over the Summer season. Well done Nick!











Ameen in NSW waters at Browns, Kingfish
Ameen a regular local success story released this very solid King while fishing on 'Primetime'











Bags in Bay of Islands NZ, Kahwai
This one bit him on the lip before being released to fight another day. We think we all know why. Skipper Aussie Dave explained Bags often gets bitten on the lip before they take off!










Bill's NSW Cooks River Bream
The soft plastics always score well for Bill seen here with a 34cm Cooks River Bream. Bill and his mate Carl always score more than well for releasing their catches, often releasing more than 15 in a session, to 37cm!











Cindy, Jewfish
Cindy & Darren fished with Jason to land this nice 6Kg Jewfish on Yellowtail Slabs, under the Tom Ugly Bridge Pylons.











Andrew Walker, Mulloway
Andrew is an avid Catch & Release Superstar. He puts all his catches back for future generations, paying the ultimate respect to our sensational environment!  Here Andrew releases some great Trevally and Jewfish. Fishing Botany Bay with a 5" Berkley Jerkbait on 4lb Fireline produced the 18Kg Jewfish above, released like all of Andrew's catches. In a week Andrew has released over 30 Trevally, 20 Bream and 20 Flathead in Botany Bay. Well done for being such a great example!











Jacob of Southern Highlands, Flathead
Jacob was fishing with his Dad George and while Dad was elsewhere, Jacob noticed a very bendy rod! So Jacob took the initiative grabbed the rod and wound in his first catch of 3.2Kg+ Flathead! From the expression, this was all just in another day's fishing really...











Steve, Yellowfin Tuna
Fishing only 40 metres off Jibbon Bommie in the Port Hacking saw this 6Kg release, taken with a Laser Pro hard bodied Rapala lure.  On a Christmas tree lure Steve's mate Thomas also released a Kingfish just under the 60cm limit.  Great fun on light gear and even greater releasing!!











John Anogianakis & Paul Glekas from Sydney, Black Marlin
On board Spartacus, trolling a sprocket skirt lure on 24Kg line produced some fine 100Kg+ Black Marlin only 3km off Botany Bay this month. This one estimated past the 110Kg mark was landed at 11:20 in the morning, after 65 minutes bending the back. Great to see these fish in abundance right now outside, a great catch!











Bart from Sydney, Moki in New Zealand
Nothing like a fishing holiday in the Bay Of Islands. You never know what you are going to retrieve! This time its a very solid catch and release taken on squid, even though reef weed and small shrimps are the natural diet. Well done Bart!











Craig Stevenson of Drummoyne, Kingfish in New Zealand
On Lady Lola skippered by Ross Mead off North Cape, Bay Of Islands, New Zealand. Craig decided on targeting a patch of water that loads of birds were working on. A deep diving Rapala lure produced this beauty within the first 20 seconds! Winding 5m then losing 15m of line saw this battle last a lot longer than the hook-up time. Great release Craig, it's great to see King's are plentiful in the Bay Of Islands for future generations!











Robert of Sydney South, Dolphin Fish
Excellent catch for outside Sydney waters. This Dolphin Fish Coryphaena hippurus was caught and released using a live yellowtail in a burley trail, which enticed this fish out of a warmer current. Dolphin Fish are normally found in waters of 21 degrees or more and grow to about 80lb (36Kg), often attracted wherever there is debris in the ocean.  Dolphin Fish will readily take a lure (coloured feather) trolled at around 6 knots. Once hooked they fight hard, running about wildly and often making amazing leaps out of the water. 12 to 15 Kg line recommended on a 5/0 to 8/0 hook and wire trace.



'Catch & Respect' Fishing Tips

We love nothing better than to get away with our partner, friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors and the fun and enjoyment fishing can bring. We also now know our fish stocks are disappearing. So we now have to teach our kids, partner, friends and family how to balance how we fish, what we catch, how we catch it and ensure we only keep what we barely need for a feed.  'If you care to fish, fish with care, take the kids and enjoy !', says Future Of Fish Founder, Gary Jackson.

Catch & Respect is just that, it's no longer enough to just Catch & Release. We need to consider barbless hooks when fishing fresh or packet baits, and when lure fishing. This makes the release so much easier for the life of our fish when we do catch and release.

Handling our fish very carefully, not lifting them up by the hook once landed is also key. The only voice a fish has is the one we give it, so wet your hands and get the fish back into the water as soon as possible after a catch. If you've caught a prize catch, have someone ready to take a photo before you land it, so absolutely no time is lost while the fish is out of the water.


Always support the underbelly of our fish and lift slowly and carefully, before removing your tackle, snipping the line off if the hook as been swallowed completely. Reconsider the types of fish nets you use so you can reduce effects of fish stress when landing.


If your catch has been a long one that has tired your fish, make sure you carefully swim the fish before releasing, as this will help recovery. When recovered the fish will swim strongly from your hands. If bringing a fish up from deep water when boating do not reel the fish in too fast, a slow retrieve and release is best.


Research the fish species in your area before going fishing. You can review all the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Fisheries Websites in every state to get a complete list of tips when releasing fish. There is species information so you can learn to use the correct fishing tackle, preventing accidental damage and also get to know your Daily Size & Bag limits. These limits are very generous so make sure everyone you see when fishing stays well below the limit for future generations.  You can report fisheries breaches to DPI Fisheries Offices and we encourage one and all to be the eyes and ears that can help protect our environment and fisheries management. DPI can't be everywhere but we can, so it's extremely important we work together.


When live bait fishing, again only take what live bait you barely need to ensure we have healthier fish stocks in the future.

The success of lure fishing with fish attractants has been improved dramatically over recent years. So help the environment by saving live bait and press down those lure barbs with pliers before you go out. You'll still catch fish and at the same time, you'll get better at fishing and preserving our environment!