Environment Education is delivered through Corporate, Government and Community Service programs:


Business Consulting -

Catch & Respect
Charity Awareness

Eco-Tourism & Travel Destinations

HDTV Media, TV Series & Documentaries




Contributing to ensure Our Planet Group Vision in creating a healthy planet where everyone who needs a hand up in life has an opportunity to survive and thrive.


A Mission to deliver education, awareness and activities that contribute to the health and well-being of those who need it most; including our marine environment.



 Est. 2003 Future Of Fish™, Future Of Forests & Our Planet Group assist for the health of Our Kids, Charities & Our Environment. We help to develop supporters, eco media, documentaries, education and awareness activities and events.  


Future Of Fish is Made in Australia, a dedicated private organisation operating throughout the A/NZ, Asia Pacific, US, UK & MENA regions, as required, with offices located in NSW and QLD Australia.

Our Aims

We want to create an opportunity to bring together children, families, all in our Community, the Corporate sector and Government. We must ensure we have the chance to enjoy and appreciate the well-being of our fisheries and marine environment, today and in the future, for Our Planet.

We seek to aid children in learning the value of respect for the marine environment and of each other, to appreciate and live the benefits of our great outdoors, through fishing, marine and environmental activities and education.


We encourage giving and generosity for the benefit of children less fortunate, and bring wishes to those who need an outlet; children, parents and carers.


Annual support as an individual, family or business helps our cause. It gives our kids, fish and marine environments a voice to ensure ongoing sustainability, enjoyment and life motivation through Our Environment.

50% of Future Of Fish sponsor event net proceeds from annual Supporter Subscriptions, Supporter Shop purchases, direct Sponsorship and Community Events are donated to The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Kids Research Institute. 

We believe prevention is better than cure for Our Kids & Our Environment!


Future Of Fish Pty Ltd

Illawarra & Sydney
New South Wales, Australia


Tel: +61 408 891 260
Fax: +61 2 8069 0614

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